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Did you know that the current first-time donor retention rate is 22%? That means 8 out of 10 donors give one gift to your organization and never come back again. We want to change that.

In modern fundraising, donor experience is the key to your nonprofit's success. Ignore it and your donors will find another organization to support. You must make your donors happy to keep them as loyal supporters of your mission.


The Donor Relations Guru Group is the preeminent authority in improving every aspect of the donor experience—from developing sound strategy and vision to creating meaningful donor engagement—all designed to help your organization raise more money.​


Lynne Wester's guidance has led her clients to be recognized on the national stage for fundraising innovation, creative communication, and groundbreaking donor relations work. One of the most sought after donor relations speakers in the world, she and her inspiring message have received rave reviews from across the globe.

Who better to help than us?

Unlocking Future of Endowment Report Delivery

We're proud to partner with our friends at ThankView & MSP Digital Marketing to bring you this cutting-edge technology! Securely deliver your endowment reports online with ODDER. No complicated portals to maintain or new processes to adopt. Share password-protected reports paired with personalized videos to surprise and delight donors.



November 18, 2020

DEI Conversation 
4 pm ET 

A free discussion and Q&A about diversity, equity and inclusion in fundraising. 

Presented by

Lynne Wester & Anita B. Walton

November 19, 2020


Webinar | 1 pm ET

Mid-Level and Unrestricted Impact Reporting

Presented by

Lynne Wester

December 15, 2020

Webinar | 1 pm ET 

Donor Surveys to Gauge the Sweet Spot



Presented by

Lynne Wester & Angie Joens

January 12, 2021

Webinar | 1 pm ET

Strategic Stewardship to Retain High Risk Donor Populations


Presented by

Sarah Sims & Lynne Wester

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