OCTOBER 19-20, 2020 | NEW YORK, NY

The Donor Relations Guru Group has created two-day regional conferences based on Lynne Wester's book, The Four Pillars of Donor Relations. Lynne delivers an interactive learning experience filled with dynamic content and real-life examples that will teach you the basics of donor relations as well as new industry trends.


The first day of the conference will be dedicated to the Four Pillars of Donor Relations—acknowledgment, stewardship, recognition, and engagement. Lynne and her team of experts will bring each topic to life as they share personal stories of tragedies, triumph, ridicule, and redemption.


You’ll leave inspired and energized, equipped with tangible ideas that you can implement immediately with any size staff or budget.



A good acknowledgment is about more than just saying, "thank you." In this session, we'll teach you how to craft expressions of gratitude that will surprise and delight your donors. We'll discuss gift acceptance and receipts, thank you letters, pledge reminders, behavior-based thank you's (e.g., first-time donors), and more.



Discover unique ways to show donors the true impact of their generosity. Demonstrating transparency and remaining donor-focused are key. We'll discuss broad-based and individual impact reports, how to prioritize your work based on audience and resources, and the components that go into an effective report.



Events, giving societies, public displays - there are many ways to recognize donors (and a few you should avoid). We'll discuss how to create meaningful experiences that will make lasting impressions and leave donors wanting more.



A donor is engaged once they are emotionally invested and committed to an organization. In this session, we'll show you what it takes to get them there. We'll share examples and ideas that you can implement at your organization to connect donors to your mission and turn them into loyal supporters of your organization.

Join us on day two for a half-day campaign workshop. Most organizations are either in campaign-mode or they're prepping for the next one. What does this mean for your donor relations program? This workshop will teach you how to design and implement a strategic, institution-wide stewardship and donor relations program that recognizes donor loyalty and delivers high-quality practices and deliverables for acknowledgement, recognition, reporting and engagement – ultimately strengthening the fundraising goals of donor retention and meaningful communication/connection between you and your donors.

Learn how to make stewardship a collaborative, institution-wide effort to provide appropriate donor recognition and to encourage others to invest generously.

Click here to view the campaign workshop agenda

Designed for intentionally small audiences to maximize collaboration and idea sharing, this conference offers something for both new and experienced professionals—and it’s a great networking opportunity! An excellent learning opportunity for any fundraising professional, we encourage those outside of donor relations to attend as well!