• Acknowledgments

  • Gift and Naming Agreements

  • Fund Auditing and Compliance

  • Recognition Societies

  • Event planning, on-site management and post-event assessment

  • Event Protocol, Etiquette and Hospitality

  • Team management, training and leadership development

  • Strategic planning and implementation

Jan’s career focus has centered on successfully building and maintaining client relations while achieving and exceeding organizational goals and objectives. From her early days as a corporate conference and meeting planner to her recent tenure as director of donor relations at Auburn University, she believes in consistent and clear communications with clients. 


Jan has detailed experience in sales, marketing, and membership program management. She has developed and implemented multiple awarding-winning and longstanding programs from scratch, including everything from a student alumni association to a sponsorship program providing critical non-dues revenue to a lifetime achievement award, inclusive of nomination, awarding and recognition processes. 

Jan was drawn to work in donor relations as it capitalizes on her career strengths.  Her experience in sales, alumni affairs, and membership programs has taught her the importance of client retention. The art and science of donor relations – or the use of left-brain-right-brain skills as she likes to refer to it - appeals to Jan’s strong attention to detail, critical thinking skills and abilities to create and implement new ideas and programs. From centralizing scholarship reporting to planning and executing donor recognition events for 100 to 1000 guests, Jan enjoys the opportunity to provide quality experiences and services to donors. Drawing on her strengths - Maximizer, Individualization, Relator and Deliberative- Jan delights in helping teams make the most of their individual talents to reach cohesive success.