The Four Pillars of Donor Relations Book

The Four Pillars of Donor Relations Book


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This comprehensive guide to donor relations will transform the way you steward, recognize, and engage your donors.


Fundraising has a major problem facing its sustainability, and it has nothing to do with the charitable tax deduction, with the transfer of wealth, or with the new generation of donors—the millennials. It has everything to do with donor retention.


Average donor retention rates for first time donors hover at a dismal less than 30% rate. Yet a focus on acquisition cannot be the whole solution—not when studies reveal that donor acquisition costs seven times as much as retention. It’s more cost effective to keep the donors an organization has than to chase new ones.


A well-executed, strategic donor relations program is key to successful fundraising. In this book, Lynne helps you rethink donor relations practices and offers specific tips for more powerful acknowledgements, stewardship and impact reporting, recognition, and donor engagement.



  • A dozen examples of creative communications with donors from real institutions
  • 30 pages of appendices offering specific advice on everything from what to include in a gift acceptance policy to donor event management
  • Steps to take if you are a donor relations “team” of one
  • A checklist to ensure that your online giving site is donor-friendly

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