The Keys to Creating Amazing Donor Communications

The Keys to Creating Amazing Donor Communications

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Rebooting Your Communications Program with Personalization, Strategy, and Proven Results


Communications, in all types and mediums, plays a crucial role in any donor relations team’s success. There is an ever-increasing demand for content that not only stewards past gifts, but supports future fundraising efforts, is personalized for our donors, and is nimble to your organization’s needs and priorities.


So how do we go about creating a dynamic communications program? How to we create messages that truly resonate? How do we write for both persuasion and gratitude at the same time? How do instill internal confidence and affect organizational change in the communications realm? How do we meet all the demands for print, video, and social content that answers everyone’s needs? And where do we start?

I'll answer all of these questions and more in this course. You'll learn how to identify, craft, and effectively tell your story using the 4 Pillars of Donor Communications with expert resources and samples along the way, work with internal partners to attain buy-in and strengthen relationships, measure the effectiveness of current communications and eliminate those that aren't working, and much, much more.

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