Speaking is Lynne's passion. She loves sharing her knowledge with others in the greater philanthropic community and her passion and enthusiasm are infectious. 

A renowned speaker both nationally and internationally, her engaging sessions leave audiences inspired and equipped with the tools they need to tackle their biggest challenges. Never boring, she combines humor and fun with her philosophy and expertise to create memorable and invaluable presentations. 

Lynne has spoken at regional conferences of 40 all the way to large international conferences of over 4,000 people. She is also available to conduct training in small or large groups and has a great deal of experience working with boards to help them advance your philanthropic mission.

Whether it's a keynote presentation or a breakout session, Lynne is often considered one of the best speakers at every event she is a part of. 

Lynne is happy to share one of the presentations she's crafted with you, your organization, or your audience, or she can create one specifically for your needs. 

Keynote Topics:

  • How Creative Thank Yous and Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude Can Boost Fundraising

  • The Four Pillars of Donor Communications

  • Think Different - Here's to the Crazy Ones

  • Donor Experience, DX Unlocks the Future of Your Fundraising Relationships

Session Topics:

  • The Four Pillars of Donor Relations

  • Framework for the Future Three Questions Driving the Donor Relations Profession Forward

  • Building the Donor Pipeline

  • Crafting a Story that Inspires

  • Writing for Donors - The Art and Science of Effective Text

  • Meaningful Purpose Driven Events

  • Individual and Custom Stewardship Plans for Top Donors

My team is full of amazing speakers! With experience speaking at conferences across the country, we offer sessions on nearly every topic related to fundraising. Learn more about their areas of expertise here. 

Want to see Lynne in action? Check out her speaking calendar to see where she'll be next!